WordPress is, undoubtedly, the most common open source Content Management System (CMS), utilized by roughly 75 million sites.

WordPress is free to set up, deploy, and update. Countless templates and plugins electricity a easy and flexible interface, which reduces installation time and development costs.

Unblogged UK runs on WordPress 5, for many reasons we will cover below.

1. The hottest CMS from the world

WordPress retains the CMS market share by far, and now accounts for. When constructing a website Because of this, many consumers are familiar with the WordPress CMS, requiring staff instruction.

Breakdown of sites using a clearly recognizable CMS, based on W3Tech’s poll of the best 1 million domain names.

2. Open Source with space for growth

WordPress may be redeemed, therefore there are no expenses related to installing, downloading, and updating. You will find over 50,000 WordPress plugins(often free), like slideshows, contact types, SEO optimization, etc.. )

For inspiration, check out. Fresh Consulting permits the plugins we deploy websites, for example WordPress video guides and site copy and restore works.

3. Highly customisable for good flexibility

WordPress is popular since it satisfies the requirements of users using its frame, allowing developers and designers to create and modify applications and layouts. Coupled with extensions, sites are confined by business extensions.

Our staff has expertise extending WordPress in addition to integrating a broad selection of plugins, to fulfill with our customers’ requirements.

4. Designed for anybody, not only developers

It had been designed for bloggers before WordPress turned into a CMS for site development. The majority of the elements that are user-interface are user friendly, and you will find listed and composed guides for learning how to use WordPress functions out there. Our team handles all of the intricacies of establishing and customising your site; all you need to do would be to upgrade the content on webpages, articles, plugins, etc..

Among the top plugins we supply to our customers offers both video and written user guides for WordPress to ease on-boarding together with the CMS.

5. Lower installation and upkeep costs

According DeviousMedia, WordPress incurs customisation, installation, and maintenance costs compared with other Open Source CMS such as Joomla and Drupal. If customisation or development is essential later on it is easier to discover WordPress designers and programmers. A site or proprietary CMS that’s expensive to tweak following improvement isn’t locked down you.

As you can see, WordPress is arguably the best platform, not just for blogging, but for virtually every type of website!