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Why You Should Use WordPress

WordPress is, undoubtedly, the most common open source Content Management System (CMS), utilized by roughly 75 million sites.

WordPress is free to set up, deploy, and update. Countless templates and plugins electricity a easy and flexible interface, which reduces installation time and development costs.

Unblogged UK runs on WordPress 5, for many reasons we will cover below.

1. The hottest CMS from the world

WordPress retains the CMS market share by far, and now accounts for. When constructing a website Because of this, many consumers are familiar with the WordPress CMS, requiring staff instruction.

Breakdown of sites using a clearly recognizable CMS, based on W3Tech’s poll of the best 1 million domain names.

2. Open Source with space for growth

WordPress may be redeemed, therefore there are no expenses related to installing, downloading, and updating. You will find over 50,000 WordPress plugins(often free), like slideshows, contact types, SEO optimization, etc.. )

For inspiration, check out. Fresh Consulting permits the plugins we deploy websites, for example WordPress video guides and site copy and restore works.

3. Highly customisable for good flexibility

WordPress is popular since it satisfies the requirements of users using its frame, allowing developers and designers to create and modify applications and layouts. Coupled with extensions, sites are confined by business extensions.

Our staff has expertise extending WordPress in addition to integrating a broad selection of plugins, to fulfill with our customers’ requirements.

4. Designed for anybody, not only developers

It had been designed for bloggers before WordPress turned into a CMS for site development. The majority of the elements that are user-interface are user friendly, and you will find listed and composed guides for learning how to use WordPress functions out there. Our team handles all of the intricacies of establishing and customising your site; all you need to do would be to upgrade the content on webpages, articles, plugins, etc..

Among the top plugins we supply to our customers offers both video and written user guides for WordPress to ease on-boarding together with the CMS.

5. Lower installation and upkeep costs

According DeviousMedia, WordPress incurs customisation, installation, and maintenance costs compared with other Open Source CMS such as Joomla and Drupal. If customisation or development is essential later on it is easier to discover WordPress designers and programmers. A site or proprietary CMS that’s expensive to tweak following improvement isn’t locked down you.

As you can see, WordPress is arguably the best platform, not just for blogging, but for virtually every type of website!

Monetising your blog – Some methods to consider

You have a blog, it gets traffic and engagement –  that’s all great, but are you making active revenue from your blog? Its a common misconception that you need tons of traffic to make money from your blog, this article covers some methods you can use to monetise your blog that don’t need millions of users to make the most of.

1. Online affiliate Marketing

Among the procedures for monetising a website would be to leverage affiliate advertising. This is particularly helpful once you’re just beginning and you do not have your own services or products to market. All you need to do is create with whatever affiliate offers you intend to drive out content which will be.

As an instance, if you are running a fitness site, you can promote affiliate wellness, weight loss or body building nutritional supplements. Selling these kinds of products can help you to make a more flow of income Considering that the content is attracting individuals who are considering fitness.

2. Advertisements

Though most folks may believe that adding some non profit (PPC) advertisements are going to be a fantastic way to create a lot of money with their sites, unless you’ve got massive amounts of visitors as in 10,000+ people every day or longer — that the earnings will probably be marginal at best. The income that is actual here does not begin until you cross about 100,000 visitors every day.

Using display advertisements as advertisements you might negotiate terms directly. Provided that the advertisements are inside business or your market, you may pay a sum that would be more aggressive than earnings from PPC advertising that are standard.

3. Email advertising

Among the procedures for earning money is through email advertising. However, to be prosperous, you have to construct your list. Whether you market blog upgrades or produce a direct magnet, then utilise among the popular email advertising platforms such as ConvertKit, Aweber or even InfusionSoft to implement the procedures required to start marketing through email.

By creating a relationship and a strong bond you are able to create a sizeable quantity of money throughout the span of marketing your products and services through email provides together with affiliate. You may expect to make approximately $1 per subscriber each month.

4. Sell eBooks

Ebooks provide a pathway that is speedy for earning money. Grow an eBook that is aligned with your blog’s content. EBooks are straightforward to make, and it is very likely that the eBook will create a gain if you are teaching a skill that lots of individuals struggle with.

It is easy to market your eBook by producing content which can draw people in enticing them. You market your eBook, and might construct a sales funnel, which is an internet advertising and marketing term for an automatic sales system.

5. Sell classes

Promoting classes that are digital is. Develop beneficial and intuitive classes that include an enormous amount of the remainder and value will be smooth sailing. By placing your soul and your spirit you may enable them to market yet another route for income, on autopilot for you.

In regards to skills including web graphic layout, development, electronic advertising and so forth courses work good. However they work in formats such as financing, stocks, money accounting and investment. Find what you are really great in prior to building your program and perform the due diligence. Make something much superior out there in the market.

6. Sell electronic products

Creating products is an excellent way. You’re able to effectively market any sort of data product in your site. You are able to construct a webinar to advertise your goods and send them via downloadable ways or via a member’s place.

Digital products may be a mixture of movies, downloadable manuals, tools, PDFs, software SaaS elements and many others. Do your very best to make something which can help fulfill even a emptiness or a need. Because you would be shocked by how much money you can make by selling products do not second guess yourself.

7. Coach other bloggers

While it does look nowadays like training services are infiltrating all aspects of the marketplace training services by your site can be a prospect. Whether you put up yourself as a business development coach, a career mentor or a life coach, you can make a substantial income.

Choose several bundles, and also do your very best to make certain you address some objections upfront. Clients have a tendency to depart the purchase procedure when it is too complex, they must leave the website, create an account along with quite a few different reasons based on one particular study by Baymard Institute.

8. Safe sponsorships

Sponsorships are a terrific way to earn money if you are going to market it for a substantial quantity of 30, but the traffic is needed by you. You are able to create articles that are sponsored so long as you tag them. The FTC cracks down on services and advertising products, when actually they are passed as organic, including posts which are sponsored.

You need to be cautious with sponsorships. Make certain you’re upfront with your own homepage. Google will penalise you if you are selling links and also cares about links. In other words, it is not worthwhile, so be as clear as possible.

Visual Merchandising & POS Material

This article will cover one of the non digital ways you can market your blog or business online, and that is with visual merchandising and POS Material!

This is where we get into the meat of visual merchandising themselves. Again, we’ll be highlighting some principles to bear in mind when creating merchandising screens.

Show, Don’t Tell

It’s difficult not to inform that until something is purchased by individuals, they generally want an notion about what it will look and feel just like. There are plenty of approaches and lots of them revolve around how you set up your product screen. Permitting them to envision on themselves or in their home and creating lets you help them get 1 step.

By way of instance, the sales floor in furniture stores are set up with displays that make it simple for individuals to envision how the same products can be set-up in their own homes, or kitchenware stores using their merchandise displayed like how it may look in a specific kitchen and so on.

Another way apparel retailers do so is by creating policies that need their sales staff to wear. And the most tried and true example of this are the mannequin, that you could style based on your releases and fashion.

The Rule of Three

In creating screens, most visual merchandisers will often defer to the rule of three. The principle indicates that when creating a screen, it is a sound idea to attempt to work in sets of three. By way of instance, if you arranged things by height, you would have things that were short, medium, and tall.

You might be wondering what the rationale behind this is, and it’s something you’ll be able to observe on your own. Our eyes are likely to keep moving and looking around when we’re looking at something asymmetrical, because as you might have found, once we see some symmetrical or balanced our eyes have a tendency to stop dead in their tracks.

Group Like With Like

Grouping like goods with like goods gives your customers reasons to buy more things from you , but in addition, it has a practical reasoning behind it that it saves them time out of wanting to blend and match items and looking around.

You may even consider it as creating categories, but you do not need to limit your creativity there, you may also make”groupings” inside categories.

That means having product which may be price the same colour, size, or type collectively.

This article has covered one of the many ways you can market your blog and business in a non virtual setting!

Jetpack Plugin Review – Worth The Install?

This article will cover the Jetpack plugin, its features, and ultimately, whether or not its worth installing on your site.

The features covered will be of the free tier, but paid versions of the plugin offer more functionality.

Added Security

There is a lot additional security features that come along with JetPack that are really worth looking into, with the most notable features being the brute force protection, which stops people being able to hack your site via guessing every possible password, and improved plugin management, that allows for you to be able to do really simple yet powerful things like auto update all of your WordPress plugins.

The reason these security features are so useful is because they stop 99% of the ways hackers get access to your account at a press of a button, with features that should arguable be part of the core WordPress CMS.

Improved Performance

JetPack has a powerful built-in CDN for serving static files and images, which can really improve the speed of your site and also lower your bandwidth and used resources per page load, all of which is enabled at a push of a button with no extra configuration required!

JetPack also allows for easy lazy loading of images, which means images are loaded when the user scrolls down, helping to improve the page load of a site by a large margin, especially on sites that are very image heavy.

Added Functionality

JetPack also comes with a myriad of other features that can be used to improve your site, like the built in analytics which allows for you to track users on your site without having to worry about setting up Google Analytics.

It also comes with tools that allow for your blog to be better connected to your social media accounts, with tools for social sharing built in and also the ability to automatically post to your social media every time you publish a new blog, helping with engagement and social signals.

SEO Improvements

Some SEO improvements and tools are also included in the free version of JetPack, with one tool making site verification on Google/Bing webmaster much easier, and another tool that can automate the generation and maintenance of your blogs XML Sitemap.

Similar to some of the other tools included in JetPack, the SEO tools are fundamental to your blogs success, and at this point, are also surprising that they are not included in the core installation of WordPress…

Overall, JetPack is a very powerful and feature complete plugin, that, even with the free version, can massively improve your website. If you could only install one plugin to your website, I would recommend for that plugin to be JetPack!

Improve Rankings and Site Security With SSL

This article will cover SSL, what it is, how it works, and why it is important for your blog to be using it in 2018 and beyond.

What is SSL?

SSL, Standing for Secure Sockets Layer, is a cryptographic protocol that is used to secure communication over the internet by securing the channel between the 2 devices (your PC and the server hosting the website) to ensure that no third part can snoop on the session, which is something that can be done by hackers on websites that are not secured with SSL.

You can tell a website is secure with SSL by simply looking at the URL, if it has a lock icon and the URL includes “https” then it is secured with SSL, if not, then the site is insecure and people can snoop on the session.

SSL vs Non SSL

Seeing if a site is secured with SSL is as simple as looking at the url!

Why Do I Need It?

As a website owner, there are many reasons you could need SSL on your website, with some reasons being more important than others, but all being valid in their own way.

Additional Security

Traffic over SSL is completely secure, meaning any logins, comments, or payment details input are fully secure.

As a blog owner, SSL ensures that logging into the back end of your site, such as WP admin, will be secured, if not, someone could steal the packet containing your password and use it to log into your WordPress account without your consent. It also allows for contact form submissions and blog comments to be secured also.

If your website has user logins, then SSL ensures that the users username, email and password are secured when logging in, stopping people with access to their network from stealing their login packet.

A website that handles online payments or sells products will absolutely need an SSL certificate, as if not, someone could steal the clients payment details and use it to make payments without their consent, which if due to your website and lack of due diligence, can get you some massive fines and in trouble with the law.

Improve Rankings

Search engines are a great way of getting traffic, and when basic optimisation of your website is simple enough to do with plugins such as All in One SEO to help do most of the work, and gives the possibility to rank for low competition keywords and drive traffic that way, for free, it is 100% worth looking into and trying.

Google considers SSL as a ranking factor on your site, so SSL is an easy, and quick win that could help to improve your organic visibility on search engines.

Where Can I Get It?

That depends on your host and the level of control you have on your hosting and the level of honesty with your web host. SSL can cost depending on the certificate, but Lets Encrypt by EFF offers a completely free SSL certificate for your site that will fully secure it against hackers.

If you run a VPS or any form of server where you rent the hardware and have root SSH access, then you can use Certbot to get SSL up and running within 5 minutes to an hour, depending on operating system, level of access and comfort doing this like this.

For shared hosting, you are at the mercy of the website host, if the site runs cPanel, there is a possibility that the lets encrypt plugin is installed, meaning easy setup of Lets Encrypt on your website. You can also open a ticket with your web host and ask, or have a look to see if your hosting provider is one of the hosts that lets encrypt say they support.

You can also view the Getting Started section to see other ways of getting Lets Encrypt running on your website.

Alternatively, depending on the level of hassle you can be bothered with, you could always just buy an SSL certificate from the web host, they normally cost anywhere from £10 – £100 a year.

Making WordPress Run Over SSL

Getting WordPress to run over SSL is fairly simple, the WP admin backend will automatically be ran over SSL if a certificate is found, but to make the rest of your site run over SSL, you need go go Settings > General > Site Address (URL)/WordPress Address (URL) and add an “s” to the URL to make it run over SSL. Then check through your site and see if all is well.

Sometimes, depending on how the site is built or the WP theme/plugins in use, the site will have some pages that aren’t fully running over SSL, ie an image is loading over http or something like that. This can be fixed fairly easily with really simple ssl, which allows you to press one button once the plugin is installed to fix all of these sort of issues.

To Conclude

For virtually every site, having SSL is necessary, or at least highly advisable, with it offering many benefits from enhanced security to improved rankings. For many people, there is no reason not to use SSL, as thanks to things like Lets Encrypt, there is no additional cost or risk associated, meaning all benefits and no drawbacks!

Do you have any questions or comments regarding the use of SSL? Then feel free to comment them below!

Dog Friendly Holiday Cottages in Suffolk Inspire Blogging

As a blogger, it can be very easy to get writers block: the inability to think of new content to write and/or how to proceed with the writing. This is the bane of many blogs and is the biggest contributing factor to why blogs fail, writers block just leaved the blogs to wither and die. There are many ways to get around writer’s block, with a change of scenery being the one this article will be discussing, with me writing this from the garden of one of the nicest Dog Friendly Holiday Cottages in Suffolk I could find!

Since the publication of my last blog post about keeping your site secure with Wordfence, and even before then,  with me only being able to publish around one article a month, I have been stuck for ideas on other blog posts I can share with you to help with your blogging journey. Since this, I have been looking for ways to get around writer’s block and think of some subjects for blogging, and decided a change of environment so somewhere far more scenic than my bedroom desk would be the solution, and opted for Suffolk as the holiday cottages there have loads of heritage, in an area with loads of heritage, as well as great views of the country side.

If you are based near Suffolk and are looking for Dog Friendly Holiday Cottages in Suffolk then I wholly suggest you look at Idyllic Suffolk, who offer some really great quality and cost-effective constable country retreats that have tons of heritage, and a great area for walking dogs and visiting the local attractions.

Dog Friendly Holiday Cottages in Suffolk

The Old post office, one of the Dog Friendly Holiday Cottages in Suffolk I decided to stay in. As its name says, its an old post office converted into a stunning holiday cottage!

Other Solutions for Writers Block

For those of you who do not have the luxury of a holiday to help you overcome writers block, there are other ways you can try to use to overcome writers block, which I will go through below…

Do some exercise to get the blood flowing, as this will help you to feel better and be in a better mood, while also clearing your head, which will allow for you to be in a better position to think up things to write about.

Try to eliminate any distractions that are getting in the way of your writing juices, as getting in the zone can take time, and if you get a Facebook message about being tagged in a post you don’t care about, this could ruin the productivity and take time to get back into the zone.

Put on some headphones and listen to music, the music will help to keep you in the zone,  and certain genres of music, according to science, can really increase your productivity.

Have a break and play some games, not just any though, ones that make you think, such as Lego for you who prefer a physical medium, and games like MineCraft or Factorio for those of you who prefer gaming on their computers.

Overall, these methods rely on the movement towards getting into the zone, and then minimising anything that could take you out of the zone while maximising the beneficial aspects of being in the zone.

Methods that WILL NOT overcome Writers Block

There are solutions out there that will not help you to overcome writers block, and could in fact make your writers block even worse!

Attempting to wait it out until you feel inspired will not work, inspiration isn’t some magical and random entity that comes and goes as it pleases, you have to make an active effort to get it.

The emotional state you are in can massively affect your writers block, it is very easy to get angry or stressed about having writers block, but don’t, as this is the wrong outlook to have and will only make you fall further into the abyss of writers block.

Sitting on your sofa and watching TV is another great way to worsen your writers block, as unless your watching something extremely informative and educational, your brain will just turn off and your chance of getting into the zone and out of the writers block becomes near impossible.

As you can see, alongside a change of scenery to some Dog Friendly Holiday Cottages in Suffolk, there are many ways of getting over writer’s block and being inspired to blog again! If any of these helped you or I am missing some you would like to add, then let me know in the comments below!