This article will cover the Jetpack plugin, its features, and ultimately, whether or not its worth installing on your site.

The features covered will be of the free tier, but paid versions of the plugin offer more functionality.

Added Security

There is a lot additional security features that come along with JetPack that are really worth looking into, with the most notable features being the brute force protection, which stops people being able to hack your site via guessing every possible password, and improved plugin management, that allows for you to be able to do really simple yet powerful things like auto update all of your WordPress plugins.

The reason these security features are so useful is because they stop 99% of the ways hackers get access to your account at a press of a button, with features that should arguable be part of the core WordPress CMS.

Improved Performance

JetPack has a powerful built-in CDN for serving static files and images, which can really improve the speed of your site and also lower your bandwidth and used resources per page load, all of which is enabled at a push of a button with no extra configuration required!

JetPack also allows for easy lazy loading of images, which means images are loaded when the user scrolls down, helping to improve the page load of a site by a large margin, especially on sites that are very image heavy.

Added Functionality

JetPack also comes with a myriad of other features that can be used to improve your site, like the built in analytics which allows for you to track users on your site without having to worry about setting up Google Analytics.

It also comes with tools that allow for your blog to be better connected to your social media accounts, with tools for social sharing built in and also the ability to automatically post to your social media every time you publish a new blog, helping with engagement and social signals.

SEO Improvements

Some SEO improvements and tools are also included in the free version of JetPack, with one tool making site verification on Google/Bing webmaster much easier, and another tool that can automate the generation and maintenance of your blogs XML Sitemap.

Similar to some of the other tools included in JetPack, the SEO tools are fundamental to your blogs success, and at this point, are also surprising that they are not included in the core installation of WordPress…

Overall, JetPack is a very powerful and feature complete plugin, that, even with the free version, can massively improve your website. If you could only install one plugin to your website, I would recommend for that plugin to be JetPack!