CBD oil is becoming used by more and more people every day, but one thing that is rarely discussed is the question of “How can I use CBD oil?” which this article aims to answer by offering you the many ways that you can take cbd oil below!


This is considered one of the most common and readily available methods for taking CBD oil, with the oil or paste being applied under the tongue and absorbed into your body, this method takes time to kick in for the same reasons that taking a pill do, and that’s that it has to go through some of the digestive process to be fully absorbed into the body. This method is arguably the easiest and most readily available method though, on account of the only thing you need being the oil or paste itself to get started.


After the method of simply taking the CBD oil orally, vaping is the second easiest and most readily available method of taking CBD oil, where the oil is added to a vape pen and vaped, which of course requires a vape pen and the oil itself is tailored to vaping, meaning it is smoother when vaped. The benefit of this is that it is added into your lungs and absorbed into your body much faster than when taken orally but can be more expensive as it needs a vape pen. If you find yourself interested in using this method and are now looking for a CBD Vape Pen, then Synergy Extracts offers a wide range of CBD vape pens and CBD vape oil, high in terpenes.


This is definitely one of the more hobbyist ways to taking CBD oil, and we would suggest that beginners start with one of the methods above, as dabbing requires use of specialist tools as well as a blow torch for the best results, which results in a mixture of high price for the equipment and high risk from the heat, with the benefits being around the same as vaping, meaning there’s no real need to do this outside of simply enjoying and being equipped for dabbing.

As you can see, there are many ways of taking CBD oil, all with their own benefits and drawbacks, and as such the best way to take it depends on what you feel works best for you and your life style.