As a blogger, it can be very easy to get writers block: the inability to think of new content to write and/or how to proceed with the writing. This is the bane of many blogs and is the biggest contributing factor to why blogs fail, writers block just leaved the blogs to wither and die. There are many ways to get around writer’s block, with a change of scenery being the one this article will be discussing, with me writing this from the garden of one of the nicest Dog Friendly Holiday Cottages in Suffolk I could find!

Since the publication of my last blog post about keeping your site secure with Wordfence, and even before then,  with me only being able to publish around one article a month, I have been stuck for ideas on other blog posts I can share with you to help with your blogging journey. Since this, I have been looking for ways to get around writer’s block and think of some subjects for blogging, and decided a change of environment so somewhere far more scenic than my bedroom desk would be the solution, and opted for Suffolk as the holiday cottages there have loads of heritage, in an area with loads of heritage, as well as great views of the country side.

If you are based near Suffolk and are looking for Dog Friendly Holiday Cottages in Suffolk then I wholly suggest you look at Idyllic Suffolk, who offer some really great quality and cost-effective constable country retreats that have tons of heritage, and a great area for walking dogs and visiting the local attractions.

Dog Friendly Holiday Cottages in Suffolk

The Old post office, one of the Dog Friendly Holiday Cottages in Suffolk I decided to stay in. As its name says, its an old post office converted into a stunning holiday cottage!

Other Solutions for Writers Block

For those of you who do not have the luxury of a holiday to help you overcome writers block, there are other ways you can try to use to overcome writers block, which I will go through below…

Do some exercise to get the blood flowing, as this will help you to feel better and be in a better mood, while also clearing your head, which will allow for you to be in a better position to think up things to write about.

Try to eliminate any distractions that are getting in the way of your writing juices, as getting in the zone can take time, and if you get a Facebook message about being tagged in a post you don’t care about, this could ruin the productivity and take time to get back into the zone.

Put on some headphones and listen to music, the music will help to keep you in the zone,  and certain genres of music, according to science, can really increase your productivity.

Have a break and play some games, not just any though, ones that make you think, such as Lego for you who prefer a physical medium, and games like MineCraft or Factorio for those of you who prefer gaming on their computers.

Overall, these methods rely on the movement towards getting into the zone, and then minimising anything that could take you out of the zone while maximising the beneficial aspects of being in the zone.

Methods that WILL NOT overcome Writers Block

There are solutions out there that will not help you to overcome writers block, and could in fact make your writers block even worse!

Attempting to wait it out until you feel inspired will not work, inspiration isn’t some magical and random entity that comes and goes as it pleases, you have to make an active effort to get it.

The emotional state you are in can massively affect your writers block, it is very easy to get angry or stressed about having writers block, but don’t, as this is the wrong outlook to have and will only make you fall further into the abyss of writers block.

Sitting on your sofa and watching TV is another great way to worsen your writers block, as unless your watching something extremely informative and educational, your brain will just turn off and your chance of getting into the zone and out of the writers block becomes near impossible.

As you can see, alongside a change of scenery to some Dog Friendly Holiday Cottages in Suffolk, there are many ways of getting over writer’s block and being inspired to blog again! If any of these helped you or I am missing some you would like to add, then let me know in the comments below!